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Client/Server messaging on Queue<T>

Aug 26, 2010 at 3:41 PM


I have been using your library for a while. Fantastic!

I have a weird problem probably related to threading:

I have a service contains a HttpServer and your SimpleSocketClient all together (on different ports of course).
When a request comes to the HttpServer its creates a special object for communication through the SimpleSocketClient and transaltes the Http request  to that object and insert it to a global static EventableQueue<T> which is an extension to Queue<T> (Derives from it), its pops up an event when Enqueue(T) is done.
when the event pops I'm using the SimpleTcpClient in order to send it to the A SimpleSocketServer that parses the object and sends its to the correct client.
Its works well on the beginning but after a while its stops sending the messages to the SimpleSocketServer, and pops an object reference problem, my guess its a thread sync problem or somthing like that.
BTW its a pretty high stress application , could get to a couple of hundreds of requests for a minute....



Any Suggestions?